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New Federal Agency to strengthen cyber security in Germany

New Federal Agency to strengthen cyber security in Germany. The Ministries of the Interior and Defence have founded the “Agency for Innovation in Cyber Security”, locaded in the Halle/Leipzig area. The aim of the merger is not to carry out or fend off cyberattacks themselves, but rather to generate an overview of scientific developments in […]

Hackers gain access to the systems of various Swiss universities

Attackers gain access to the universities’ networks by sending targeted phishing mails and were thus able to divert six-digit numbers in salary payments. Employees of the universities were asked to enter their access data in the e-mails, which enabled the attackers to change recipient accounts for salary payments. According to “Sonntagszeitung”, the University of Basel […]

We are taking part in the European Cyber Security Month!

What is the ECSM? Basically this is an initiative supported by the European Commission and many other organizations like BSI to raise awareness for cyber security in the industry as well as for citizens. During the whole month of October many IT security experts contribute with presentations, special offerings and campaigns to highlight the importance […]

Key learning from BSI´s basic IT protection day

When you´re into topics like ISMS, organizational risk mgt. or certifications check the free publications and detailed information from BSI here: https://www.bsi.bund.de/DE/Themen/ITGrundschutz/itgrundschutz_node.html Here´s some important take home messages: Your technical infrastructure might be outstandingly secure, though there are millions of new attacks every day so that at least a few might come through. Prevent breaches from phishing […]

The identity card is becoming digital

The identity card is becoming digital. Samsung is working together with the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), Bundesdruckerei and Deutsche Telekom Security on a hardware-based security architecture that will allow us to store our ID card – and later also our driving licence, health card and other sensitive documents – on our smartphone. […]

As per reports from Hiscox Cyber Readiness, 33% of SMEs were victims of a (known) cyber attack last year.

Ole Sviederding – Underwriting Manager Cyber at Hiscox – says according to DATAKONTEXT GmbH (https://lnkd.in/dFMGA2V): “SMEs are particularly attractive targets for hackers, as they are generally worse protected against cyber risks than large companies”. While in large companies departments or staff units are created to secure the IT infrastructure, in SMEs the IT administrator is […]

MATA: Multi-platform targeted malware framework

Researchers have uncovered a series of attacks that use the advanced malware framework “MATA” against the operating systems Windows, Linux and MacOS. The framework has been used since spring 2018 and is attributed to the notorious North Korean APT group Lazarus. German companies are also affected by the attacks. The framework itself gives its controllers […]

Security as a Service – MSSP

Security as a Service – MSSP Since an incredible amount of companies makes good use of cloud services, we quickly need to rethink our existing security infrastructure. By using cloud applications and remote access we “open up” our network to the whole wide internet world while older security tools often do not sufficiently account for […]