Hackers gain access to the systems of various Swiss universities

Attackers gain access to the universities’ networks by sending targeted phishing mails and were thus able to divert six-digit numbers in salary payments. Employees of the universities were asked to enter their access data in the e-mails, which enabled the attackers to change recipient accounts for salary payments.

According to “Sonntagszeitung”, the University of Basel and the University of Zurich are among the universities affected. Both were able to detect the attacks early on and thus kept the damage caused very low.

A successful attack is often only recognized after 200 days. During these 200 days, the attackers have already access to all systems as well as data and can cause huge damage.

Protect your IT infrastructure with a sophisticated security strategy! Starting with the introduction of trainings for employees to make them aware of cyber attacks, to the implementation of complex solutions and tools like ISMS, IAM or multi-factor authentication.

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