This site was seized

“This site was seized”

This message was displayed to visitors who had tried to access Donald Trump’s campaign website on Tuesday evening.

The statement that the site had been seized was followed by various unsubstantiated allegations against the US government and Donald Trump himself.

The alleged attackers further claimed to have compromising information about Trump. They offered visitors the opportunity to vote – in exchange for the deposit of a crypto-currency –, to decide whether this information should subsequently be made public – or not. After only a few minutes, however, the statements and accusations had disappeared, and the site was accessible again as normal.

At the end of last week, there were already several reports that a hacker had guessed the password of Donald Trump’s Twitter account. This is supposed to be “maga2020!” (make America great again 2020!) Especially piquant: Twitter offers a two-factor authentication to secure the accounts. However, according to the hacker, Trump had not activated this. The success of this attack was not confirmed by Trump himself or his employees, however.

Regardless of the password strength, we recommend: Use offers such as MFA (Multiple Factor Authentication) to protect your accounts and your sensitive data!

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