Healthcare institutions and governmental agencies say: No cloud!

In the last weeks we had some very interesting talks with healthcare institutions and governmental agencies: One very important learning: No cloud

It´s not a new topic that a move to the cloud comes with a lot of security issues. For organizations with critical data (e.g. hospitals or public agencies) there is no way of using cloud solutions from abroad. Everything needs to remain within the organization, nothing is transferred to external companies.

The main reason is quite simple: You can´t guarantee what is happening to your data as German / European data privacy laws do not apply. Also, you´re depending on the providers services and delivery – in case they are facing issues you will be in serious trouble.

In our opinion the usage of cloud technologies is quite useful and there are a lot of good reasons for it. Just remember to have a good security environment around it as you´re openly connected to the internet, meaning you could have some easy access opportunities for intruders!

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