Generate savings in IT Security!

Generate savings in IT sec – what´s happening in the market

Referring to IBM and Ponemon institute Cyber Resilience Report 2020, many organization are about to define an emergency plan in case of attacks (Cyber Security Incident Response Planning, CSIRP). You benefit a lot from a coordinated and structured procedure to localize, isolate and kill the intrusion while not forgetting about aspects like communication with stakeholders. In the end this invest pays off greatly as consequences without it would be devastating.

Looking at the results of the resilience report it could be recommendable to reduce the amount of tools you use: The less the better in terms of security.

Instead of inflating the infrastructure with a lot of different, sometimes interdependent and narrow solutions, companies could benefit from a focus on the most important ones. There also is a trend towards an identity centric security infra. Millions of attacks target the human factor, trying to steal digital identities for access to our digital values and assets.

Concluding, it seems that a focused IT security will in many cases be more effective then a very complex one where you could simply overlook suspicious activities.

What is your opinion about the trend to reduce the tool landscape?