Security reminder for every “new homeoffice” organization

At the beginning of the pandemic priorities were immediately redefined. For the majority of companies it was the most important concern to make homeoffice possible in order to maintain productivity and keep the business alive. Once this huge project was realized many of us jumped back to overdue business projects and forgot about a very important matter that accompanies the new work environment – it´s own IT security needs.

At home we use our personal network (and in some cases even personal equipment / “BYOD”) that is hardly protected, making it quite easy for attackers to intrude the company network through this weakpoint.

According to many cyber experts and research, the biggest risk still is the human factor and this is why most cyber attacks aim at our digital identities, stealing passwords and manipulate us with social engineering techniques.

Covid-19 accelerated digitalization and new work structures for many organizations all over the planet. We now must not forget to take care of our digital safety in rapidly grown remote work structures.

What is your experience – did your network adapt to “new work”´s security needs?
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