The 4 types of computer viruses

Certainly there are too many special and different viruses to know them all, but let us try to get a typification for the most common ones:

1. Perform operations on PC
– e.g. encrypt or delete data
– boot virus (you can´t log in to your OS anymore)
– Execute commands

2. Physical attack: Hardware takes damage from a virus
– Manipulate the hard drive firmware
– USB and other connections are deactivated
– Manipulate temperature controls of CPU, burning the motherboard

3. Hijacking: Hackers use the processing power and storage of your device
– Virus disconnects you from the internet
– PC is used within hacker botnets
– Unwanted applications are installed to show you ads

4. Spying: Probably the most dangerous type
– Hackers spy passwords and logins so they can steal your identity and access company networks and data
– Record and track users´ forbidden or undesirable activities for blackmailing
– Take over control via e.g. remote desktop

Do you miss any important category? Have you been experiencing one of these?

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