We are taking part in the European Cyber Security Month!

What is the ECSM? Basically this is an initiative supported by the European Commission and many other organizations like BSI to raise awareness for cyber security in the industry as well as for citizens. During the whole month of October many IT security experts contribute with presentations, special offerings and campaigns to highlight the importance of digital safety and speak about threats and trends in IT security.

We also decided to share our knowledge in the area of securing the human factor against cyber attacks and will inform about attacks on digital identities including consequences of a successful hack and give some ideas for prevention.

Ever wondered what social engineering is or how phishing works and what´s actually behind these buzzwords? How do attackers manipulate users and trick them into sharing their credentials, “open a (digital) door” to the company network or make them assist in a fraud? We will give a basic intro to that and are looking forward to your participation!

Time: 9th of October at 11 am (CET), duration: 45 minutes

Registration: https://doubleclue.com/en/registration-ecsm/

(Of course it´s completely free)


#ECSM #security #cyberattack

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