How well is your company protected against hacking?

Missing access policies, poor password hygiene, and lack of awareness of social engineering: humans are the biggest risk factor for your IT security. It doesn’t have to be. A comprehensive identity protection solution like DoubleClue protects your employee identities and access from misuse – and improves internal workflow in a compliant manner for smooth operations.

Social Engineering: Humans at the Heart of Hackers

Digitization brings with it a major challenge: ensuring that only authorized individuals have access to certain devices, applications, and data. In addition to safeguarding against technical attacks (firewall, VPN clients, and anti-virus software), this also includes a social component.

Because modern hacking attacks have long relied on the biggest weak point in your IT landscape: the human factor. And their negligence in dealing with basic security requirements: passwords that are too short or used multiple times, a lack of awareness of social engineering, or simply too lax settings in the area of identity and access management form the gateway for criminal machinations.

DoubleClue: IT Security for the Human Factor

  • Granular distribution of access rights to employees as well as external resources using comprehensive Identity and Access Management (IAM) including Privileged Access Management (PAM)
  • Multifactor Authentication (MFA) protects employee identities from misuse
  • Centralized password management increases enterprise password security while enabling a pleasant user experience
  • Centralized password and data storage encrypted from both external and internal access

Automate approval processes using digital signatures

DoubleClue offers companies many options for user self-service via the system: autonomous addition of devices and applications, automated password reset without administrator involvement, as well as digital approval of document access and granting of approvals via push messages. This saves time and resources on day-to-day operations.

At the same time, these approval processes are tamper-proof thanks to Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). Thus, push messages generated by DoubleClue comply with the standards of the Digital Signature Act and PSD 2 regulation.

Encrypted data storage

The integrated DoubleClue CloudSafe enables centralized encrypted storage of highly sensitive files on your own servers (on-premises) or in the cloud. This allows device-independent access, which can also be shared with internal and external parties. Furthermore, this advanced type of storage rules out decryption by third parties. Thus, passwords and confidential documents can be stored in DoubleClue without hesitation.

Uninterrupted workflows through reduced password entry

Software that combines IAM, MFA, and password management enables single sign-on (SSO). This means that your employees* only need to log into DoubleClue once to gain uninterrupted access to their applications. This leads to higher employee productivity and satisfaction in your organization.
The innovative DoubleClue Single Sign-On additionally embeds automated log-in to applications that rely on common third-party MFA.

Invest in the passwordless future today

IT security is the foundation of your modern enterprise. At the same time, a future-proof solution must map the future needs of innovative companies today.
Predictions from business experts* indicate that passwords will be replaced by more secure authentication options – today, they remain a reality for the vast majority of applications.

With DoubleClue, which brings the integrated PasswordSafe, you have a state-of-the-art software solution while being prepared for the passwordless future. The innovative range of functions forms the basis for smooth workflows and efficient collaboration in your company. This makes DoubleClue the optimal and secure solution for identity protection.

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