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Ensure strong password security in the company

DoubleClue KeePass Plugin Provides KeePass Users with Comprehensive Security Upgrade through Multifactor Authentication

Neustadt an der Aisch, Germany, April 28, 2021 – The HWS Group, a medium-sized provider of software development and IT services, offers companies with DoubleClue a holistic software solution for identity management. The integrated DoubleClue PasswordSafe builds on KeePass. Centralized password storage and additional multifactor authentication protect against password and identity theft.

DoubleClue PasswordSafe is based on the encryption algorithm of KeePass, a globally popular open-source password manager. This compatibility allows easy import and export of existing data from KeePass using the DoubleClue KeePass plugin. At the same time, multifactor authentication, as well as centralized storage in the cloud, increase the application’s security. Since passwords are not stored on the end device, DoubleClue PasswordSafe enables secure usage on multiple devices.

Identity protection requirements in the company environment have increased

“The BKA has observed an increasing number of cyberattacks on companies for years. This brings the question of effective technical protection as well as a sustainable password policy to the forefront at management levels,” says Emanuel Galea, Senior Director Software Development at HWS. “Our experience has shown that many companies rely on KeePass. However, KeePass lacks key collaboration and security features by default in the company environment.”

KeePass gets a comprehensive security upgrade with the DoubleClue KeePass plugin. Multifactor authentication and centralized encrypted storage meet current security and mobility requirements in the company environment.

DoubleClue PasswordSafe eliminates password theft by insiders

Along with organized crime, insiders are primarily responsible for enterprise data incidents. A Bitkom study published in 2019 suggests that insiders were responsible for data espionage and sabotage in more than half of the companies surveyed.

HWS Group has responded to this finding. DoubleClue relies on a two-part key for encryption in the cloud. The important part of the key is known only to the user. This rules out unauthorized access by internal resources despite central storage. Multifactor authentication also protects against account theft, such as phishing or brute force attacks.

DoubleClue PasswordSafe at a glance

  •  Encryption with a two-part key prevents internal and external access by third parties
  •  Integrated multifactor authentication protects against account theft
  • DoubleClue KeePass plugin allows the import and export of KeePass (kdbx) files into DoubleClue PasswordSafe
  • High usability thanks to the clear web portal and mobile apps for Android and iOS with AutoFill
  • Centralized encrypted storage of passwords ensures device-independent access and sharing of credentials and passwords with internal and external contacts
  • Use on-premises or in the HWS high-security cloud on German servers

With DoubleClue, the HWS Group offers companies of all sizes a comprehensive solution in the area of identity security. A deep Identity and Access Management (IAM) with integrated highly secure PasswordSafe as well as cloud storage and modern Multifactor Authentication (MFA).

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