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Identity Protection Software DoubleClue extended with automated workflow capabilities

With the new version DoubleClue Enterprise Management 2.5, HWS Gruppe focuses on an improved user experience and thus combines the highest security with the best performance Neustadt an der Aisch, 08.07.2021 – HWS Gruppe, a medium-sized provider of software development and IT services, announces the release of DoubleClue Enterprise Management (DCEM) 2.5. In addition to […]

How well is your company protected against hacking?

Missing access policies, poor password hygiene, and lack of awareness of social engineering: humans are the biggest risk factor for your IT security. It doesn’t have to be. A comprehensive identity protection solution like DoubleClue protects your employee identities and access from misuse – and improves internal workflow in a compliant manner for smooth operations. […]

Ensure strong password security in the company

DoubleClue KeePass Plugin Provides KeePass Users with Comprehensive Security Upgrade through Multifactor Authentication Neustadt an der Aisch, Germany, April 28, 2021 – The HWS Group, a medium-sized provider of software development and IT services, offers companies with DoubleClue a holistic software solution for identity management. The integrated DoubleClue PasswordSafe builds on KeePass. Centralized password storage […]

Deepfake – what is real?

The digital and analog worlds are becoming increasingly blurred. With the rapid development of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the information we receive is becoming increasingly complex. Nevertheless, we are finding that what we humans find very easy – such as facial recognition – first has to be taught to artificial intelligence. This so-called deep […]

The consequences of phishing attacks for companies

Phishing attacks on companies are on the rise. You would think that everyone would be familiar with the term. In fact, a recent report from Proofpoint showed that many employees are unaware of what phishing actually is. And they are therefore unable to assess how they could be affected by it. And, ultimately, how they […]

Digital Collaboration—IT security while working from home

The past year was a catalyst for the digitization of German companies. This relates in particular to how and especially where we worked. Many companies suddenly and mostly abruptly started to work from home. According to Bitkom, almost every 2nd employee was affected by this development in the spring. However, this accelerator of many digitization […]

DDoS attack on vaccination portal

At the end of December, vaccination against the COVID-19 virus began in the European Union; it has now become known that a cyberattack on the vaccination portal of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians in Thuringia and the Thuringian Ministry of Health had already occurred in December. This was probably a so-called DDoS (Distributed […]