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Ensure strong password security in the company

DoubleClue KeePass Plugin Provides KeePass Users with Comprehensive Security Upgrade through Multifactor Authentication Neustadt an der Aisch, Germany, April 28, 2021 – The HWS Group, a medium-sized provider of software development and IT services, offers companies with DoubleClue a holistic software solution for identity management. The integrated DoubleClue PasswordSafe builds on KeePass. Centralized password storage […]

Deepfake – what is real?

The digital and analog worlds are becoming increasingly blurred. With the rapid development of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the information we receive is becoming increasingly complex. Nevertheless, we are finding that what we humans find very easy – such as facial recognition – first has to be taught to artificial intelligence. This so-called deep […]

3 reasons to invest in digital identity security

Our world is increasingly digitized and in many areas only takes place online. This also increasingly applies to our everyday working lives; companies are networked in the cloud thanks to communication and collaboration tools. Our systems such as CRM or ERP have also been outsourced to the cloud for better data availability. At the same […]

The consequences of phishing attacks for companies

Phishing attacks on companies are on the rise. You would think that everyone would be familiar with the term. In fact, a recent report from Proofpoint showed that many employees are unaware of what phishing actually is. And they are therefore unable to assess how they could be affected by it. And, ultimately, how they […]

Digital Collaboration—IT security while working from home

The past year was a catalyst for the digitization of German companies. This relates in particular to how and especially where we worked. Many companies suddenly and mostly abruptly started to work from home. According to Bitkom, almost every 2nd employee was affected by this development in the spring. However, this accelerator of many digitization […]

How secure is the Electronic Patient Record?

Since the beginning of the month, the Electronic Patient Record has been available in Germany, in which insured persons can store and manage their data in a central location. The central storage of their health data is intended to facilitate communication between patients and doctors. In the initial phase, however, patients will have to take […]

Digital Transformation and Cybersecurity

Digital transformation and the associated (IT) change management have evolved from buzzwords to important drivers in companies. German SMEs are also catching up with these important developments, albeit still hesitantly. Many entrepreneurs shy away from major upheavals in their IT landscapes. Often, they are also faced with the question of how they can drive these […]

Corona vaccine data targeted by hackers

On Wednesday evening, unknown hackers managed to penetrate the system of the European Medicines Agency (EMA). In doing so, they were able to capture individual pieces of information on a Corona vaccine that is currently in the approval process. The authority is currently reviewing the approval of the vaccine developed by the Mainz-based company Biontech […]

Critical infrastructure – Critical cybersecurity

Critical infrastructure in Germany is currently particularly at risk when it comes to cybersecurity. According to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, 141 successful cyber attacks were reported until the beginning of November 2020. Of these, 43 were directed at healthcare providers. Last year there were 121 successful attempts in the critical infrastructure report and only 62 […]