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Black Friday – How Cybercriminals are hunting for your data

It’s the end of November and thus bargains time for most of us: Under names like Black Friday, Black Week, Cyber Week, Cyber Friday – or other creative names – companies are now luring us bargain hunters in the fight for pre-Christmas business. But the bargains not only attract us as consumers but also cybercriminals. […]

Data protection and cybersecurity in the healthcare system

The digitalization of our healthcare system is progressing massively: The German federal government is promoting the networking of medical facilities through the so-called telematics infrastructure Telematik Infrastruktur, TI). As a result of the corona crisis, the need for online communication between doctors and patients has increased. In addition to these developments, the electronic patient file […]

Viruses in hospitals – Cybersecurity in the Corona pandemic

The corona pandemic is pushing hospitals and care facilities to their limits. And this also affects the cybersecurity of many facilities. According to Interpol, an increasing number of attacks on the IT network of hospitals has been reported in recent months. Particularly in the USA, the FBI has been warning since October about increasing cyber […]

Work from home – How to secure your IT remotely

Since the global epidemic of the new SARS-CoV2 virus in March, our society has faced many challenges. This also affects the way we work and especially where we work. As a result, many companies have suddenly and usually abruptly moved to work at home. According to Bitcom, almost every 2nd employee in Germany was affected […]

Ransomware attack on US hospitals

Since Thursday night, the FBI has been warning of increased cyberattacks on various American hospitals. The used malware Ryuk encrypts the data of the infected systems and thus complicates the further operation of the hospitals. The attack on system-relevant infrastructure such as these is combined with requests for ransom money to release the sensitive data […]

“This site was seized”

This message was displayed to visitors who had tried to access Donald Trump’s campaign website on Tuesday evening. The statement that the site had been seized was followed by various unsubstantiated allegations against the US government and Donald Trump himself. The alleged attackers further claimed to have compromising information about Trump. They offered visitors the […]

How far may German secret services go in revealing terrorist organizations on the Internet?

Especially in the context of right-wing attacks in Germany, this question has once again moved into the focus of public debate. The German government now wants to regulate the powers of the secret services to read encrypted messenger services such as WhatsApp, Telegram or Skype by law. And thus replace the old legislation, which still […]