Cyber Security

As per reports from Hiscox Cyber Readiness, 33% of SMEs were victims of a (known) cyber attack last year.

Ole Sviederding – Underwriting Manager Cyber at Hiscox – says according to DATAKONTEXT GmbH ( “SMEs are particularly attractive targets for hackers, as they are generally worse protected against cyber risks than large companies”.

While in large companies departments or staff units are created to secure the IT infrastructure, in SMEs the IT administrator is responsible for the IT security of the entire company in addition to his or her actual activities.

The economic damage in the case of a successful cyber attack quickly runs into the six-digit range. Often, action is only taken after a successful attack on the infrastructure – and thus too late.

Avoid the risk of a cyber attack and implement the latest IT security solutions such as multi-factor authentication or IAM systems.

Stunning FACT: Did you know, that not every hacker wears a hoody or a mask during his hack?

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